Hot Woman Pheromon Parfum 50 ml

Hot Woman Pheromon Parfum 50 ml

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HOT pheromone perfume WOMAN contains sexual enticers, which attracts men like magnets. Men perceive this noble, scented perfume without knowing they have inhaled a sexual enticer. Within moments, restraints towards you will vanish. Sporty, feminine fragrance.

Pheromones are sexual enticers which all insects and animals, man included, secrete in order to attract the opposite sex. A large part of the sexual behaviour of insects and animals is driven by pheromones which are perceived by their own sense organ in the nose. They are invisible, without smell and have an uncounscious effect as the olfactory information is transmitted directly to the brain through the VNO (Vomer Nasal Organ).

The word ’pheromone’ comes from Greek and means ’excitement carrier’. Pheromones have already been used for years in agricolture to stimulate mating between cows and bulls. In the fight against harmful insects pheromone traps are set. For a long time animal pheromones such as musk have been used in perfumes. Within seconds the smallest quantities trigger off an attraction in the brain

Contents: 50 ml.

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